Current projects:

2008-06-22 10:12:06 by Wolfears2

I'm still working on the strategy game, it's just I'm starting from scratch again. I'm also on the lookout for acollab.

Making games on request!

2008-05-23 01:05:39 by Wolfears2

Yep, I'm now doing any old, stupid ideas people think up.
Allow around two days working time for a reasonable idea.
Keep your requests as grammatical as possible. I don't want to work on the wrong game for a weekend.
I don't have a microphone, so I can't do voice acting.
Try to keep requests reasonably toned-down. Not: Walk around with a chainsaw choppin dudes in half! With BRAIINZZ and da GUtZZ!
Finally,I'mm a mid-level lazy animator-actionscripter. Don't expect too much from me =)
There. Covered everything.

I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR A WHILE! mostly posponing, might carry on later. I'm gonna work hard on something I was planning on doing for ages, so I won't be making any games for a while. Byeeee...

Next tut...

2008-03-27 15:46:50 by Wolfears2

Hmm. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas for my next tut. I'm gonna start doing full games after easter, although I'm working on a sniper game with a partner right now. And I'm thinking more along the lines of the sniper tut I made rather than the actionscript one. And, please, don't suggest car movement =P.

It's official:

2008-03-23 03:51:51 by Wolfears2

I'm not going to do a sniper game over easter after all. More likely I'll do some tutorials, and then start work on the sniper game after. I just thought over what I had to do last night, and now I just can't be bothered. Hope people like tutorials anyway.


2008-03-22 18:04:45 by Wolfears2

I just submitted thye tutorial on sniper games, and I'm really hoping it isn't blammed. It's really eating away at me. Do all flashers feel that way about their first flash?

Change of plans

2008-03-22 12:02:16 by Wolfears2

I've just had an idea, involving me interrupting my work on this sniper game, and making a tutorial on how to do one yourself. Hope no-one gets annoyed.


2008-03-20 13:50:26 by Wolfears2

I'm wondering about games right now. Sure, my older stuff was lame (all blammed) but I've touched up my flash skills now. I'm pondering on the idea of my thought for a flash game, trained killer. I've done the scope, learnt to do zooming with the arrow keys, and I made some pretty sweet I.D. cards for your targets. Well, a template. So, I'm working on a story (could use help), making some levels (need some good ideas, but they'll come) and working out the extra features, like a HUD, the coding for an ammo system, the art for the game, etc.
W00T! first post!
Cya NG, expect this full game by the end of easter!